The crowl creates these elegant folds! This could be really nice in an evening dress or a cocktail dress Theatre de la Mode exhibit 155 Jean Patou 'Fleurs de Mal' 1946. The top is in silk tulle and the skirt is in silk crepe. Draping the bias cut slip dress

Now I Know My Bias

I attended Morley College’s Bias Drape weekend course in addition to my weekly Draping Course because I have very little understanding on bias drape. The course’s is not available for enrollment now but I think they hold the course every year. The class was held at the weekend for 2 days only so it would … Continue reading

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Draping Updates

It’s been several weeks since I started the draping course at Morley College and here’s an update on the things I draped and learned.┬áThe first thing I learned was the basic blocks including the hip block, standard bodice and skirt. We also learned how to transfer the pattern information from the draped cloth onto paper. … Continue reading

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Draping the Basics

Draping Course Part 2 After learning how to tape the dress stand, we started draping a basic hip block (I know some books called it sheath dress block in the uk or shift dress block in the us) with calico fabric. The aim is to let the fabric lay smoothly over the dress stand with … Continue reading

Draping class at Morley College London

I joined Morley college’s.summerand draping class and this term’s focus is dresses. Morley college is a government funded adult school with loads of interesting classes ranging from music, performance art to fashion. Morley College Fashion Courses Class size is 14 with students from different backgrounds. Each student is given a Proportion London dress stand( formerly … Continue reading