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Invisible Hem

Here’s the step by step photos of how I did the invisible hem for the English Rose Garden Dress. Although hand stitching is required, you’ll find that it doesn’t take too long to sew. Step 1 – Decide the hem length by pinning. I’ve allowed 2 inches hem allowance and double fold the hem allowance … Continue reading

Tulle Ruffle Hem

Tulle Ruffle Hem

Tulle ruffle adds a nice touch to any girly dress and here’s how I made the ruffles for my niece’s Jubilee Birthday Girl Dress. The pattern should have a skirt lining which is cut slightly shorter than the fashion fabric. Step 1 – Measure the skirt lining’s hem circumference. Step 2 – Decide the height … Continue reading

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Hairline Hem

Hairline hem is best used for finishing sheer or lightweight fabric. It’s also a good method to finish hem when there’s not much hem allowance left. The process takes patience but the result is worth the time spent. My equipment includes: – 1/4″ quilting straight stitch foot – Single hole needle plate (This gives much … Continue reading