Burda 7340 short version Burda 7340 Line Drawings Stripy viscose jersey - The black stripes are semi-transparent while the grey stripes are opaque

Burda 7340 Knit Top

Hi Readers, although my sewing experience has been on sewing woven mostly, I found that I wear knit fabric, especially fashion T-shirt most of the time so sewing more knit fabric projects is definitely in my to-do list this year. I want an asymmetrical design which is quick to make and chose Burda’s printed pattern … Continue reading

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Trousseau Shawl

Hello Readers, after knitting my first lace shawl a few weeks ago I’ve been using my evening before bed time to knit a new lace shawl. This time I used a hand dye lace weight yarn called ‘Queen of Denmark’ from London’s IKnit. The yarn has some lighter blue shades all over and is extremely … Continue reading