Valentino and Knitting for Babies

Don’t worry readers! There’s no direct relationship between Valentino and Knitting for Babies. To explain, I went to see the Valentino Master of Couture Exhibition at Somerset House in London last week. I cannot recommend less about this exhibition as 130 amazing haute couture garments are being showcased and unlike the Ballgown exhibition being held at the V&A, all the garments can be viewed quite closely and they’re not inside glass boxes.

Valentino's Master of Couture Exhibition at Somerset House

Valentino’s Master of Couture Exhibition at Somerset House

The best feature of the exhibition (in my opinion) is a series of video clips showing how the couture techniques are executed by ‘les petites mains’, including ‘budellini’ which double silk charmeuse is rolled and sewn around a wool cord that are exclusive to Valentino. These ladies’ hands and fingers are so agile and they work so quickly! I didn’t time the video but it was long enough for me to put down my bags and made my legs sore so it must be about 20 minutes long at least.

You can also see each technique’s finished samples as well after the video. My brain was bubbling with admiration and ideas, think fur, silk crepe, bright red, black and white but probably not ostrich feathers. This Fall 2007/08 pink ‘jacket’ and this ‘pagine’ technique video complete the show. Each circle is made of two pieces of silk organza seamed and turned inside out (no raw edges!). Thousands of circles are then sewn to the backing fabric to form a page effect. Ok, this is not the kind of clothes someone can wear daily but it’s really nice to see and understand how it was made.

Valentino Fall 2007/08 Haute Couture

Valentino Fall 2007/08 Haute Couture – Photo by Marcio Madeira

Valentino Pink 'Jacket' Details Fall 2007/08 - Photo by Marcio Madeira

Valentino Pink ‘Jacket’ Details Fall 2007/08 – Photo by Marcio Madeira

I should also mention that Valentino has an online virtual museum where you can view many of his masterpieces in detail. The museum’s website is

Next, I have a very good news in the family. My sister-in-law gave birth to a wonderful baby boy last week in Hong Kong. He’s absolutely adorable and I can’t stop thinking about him.

My new nephew - His name is Jenson!

My new nephew – His name is Jenson!

I’ve already made a sleeping bag and fleece jacket for him a few months back but to compensate for not being able to hold him physically I’m knitting baby items for him whenever I can. The first sets completed are these tiny booties and mittens. I forgot to take picture of the mittens but they are just plain fingerless ones.


Cotton baby booties

I used Sublime Baby Cotton yarns which are soft and machine washable. I consider my knitting knowledge really elementary so I’m sticking to garter stitches with the cardigan I’ve just started (I think I can crochet better than knitting but crochet styles suit girls better…). I’ve also been asked by Mr. H to knit some warm socks (a.k.a. advanced knitting!!??). Reading / learning more about knitting is definitely in my to-do-list this Christmas break. Hopefully the following knitting projects would be more fancy.

In the meantime, I still have some Christmas presents to sew. I’ll be skipping next week’s post so I can keep the Christmas presents as secrets. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a lovely holiday! Keep sewing, knitting and / or crocheting! Best wishes!

19 thoughts on “Valentino and Knitting for Babies

    • Thank you! When you visit London you might consider going to the Fashion and Textile museum to see the Hardy Amies show as well. I haven’t seen that one yet but I’m planning to!

  1. What a fun post to read! The Valentino exhibit looks amazing, but your new nephew is the real star! Congratulations to your family and welcome to Jenson!

  2. Congratulations Aunt! Jensen is perfectly wonderful. No wonder you want to hold him. (I do too!) He will love his dear little booties. I think garter stitch always looks smart and interesting.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing details about the Valentino exhibit. It sounds like you benefitted on many levels. Congratulations on the birth of your nephew. He’s a beautiful baby. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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