Vogue 8942 Preview

After sewing some baby items for the last two weeks, I turned my focus to a vintage sewing pattern which I bought from EBay recently. The pattern is a Vogue 8942 dated 1956 so it’s exactly 56 years old. The pattern includes two options: one with 3/4 length sleeves, patch pockets with a “fly-over” button detail; one with short sleeves and top stitching on the bodice.


Vogue vintage pattern 8942

As this is my first autumn project, I chose the 3/4 sleeves version. Firstly, I want to talk about the instructions that came with the pattern. Unlike other vintage patterns which I have from Simplicity, Butterick or Mccalls, the Vogue instructions included two sheets. The first sheet has general information such as straightening the grain, cutting out, basic fitting as well as making a bound buttonhole!


The general instruction sheet


The general instruction sheet with bound buttonhole instruction

The second sheet is project specific information and I love the heading: Pin – Baste – (then Fit) – Stitch – Finish – Press. The message is so clear and so to the point!


The main instruction sheet

The pattern is both printed and perforated which is meant to be really innovative at the time. As the pattern pieces are quite fragile, I used a tracing paper and made a copy.


The part print part perforated pattern

While tracing, I found that the stitch lines aren’t always straight when the lines dash across the perforations. There are a few instances where a stitch line is slightly longer than the adjoining one so a bit of pattern tidying work was required.


Tracing the pattern

My pear shape figure warrants pattern alternation to the skirt as well. I added 9cm to the hip circumference which is added to the skirt front and back equally. The skirt length was reduced by almost 20cm as well so it’s just below knees.

I made a mockup to test my pattern alteration works. The bodice and skirt fits nicely but I couldn’t get the sleeves to ease in properly. I think I’ll redraw the sleeve cap for the actual garment. The patch pockets also seem a bit high so I might drop it a little.


The mockup


The not so smooth sleeve cap

I haven’t decided on the fashion fabric yet but hopefully I can use some of my stash in the overflowing cupboard. Lastly, I’m happy to report that I finished the second baby sleeping bag using the stripy freeze fabric which I cut out last week.


My second baby sleeping bag


Blue snap is used this time

Happy Autumn Sewing!

6 thoughts on “Vogue 8942 Preview

  1. I love how some vintage patterns have a hidden goldmine of sewing info! I’ve got a couple like this, but nothing as in depth as this beauty you’ve found… bound button hole instructions?? awesome. Not to mention that heading.
    I always find muslin sleeve caps a little misleading (unless of course, the fabric you go with behaves similarly) … there isn’t much room for easing a fabric like that. I’d love to know what shopping your stash turns up :)

    • The general instruction sheet includes all the basic technique required to make the dress. L guess not everyone can afford to buy the full vogue sewing book at the time. For the sleeves, I measures the sleeve cap and armhole dimensions last night and found that 2 1/2″ ease is included! I redrafted the sleeve cap to have 1 1/2″ ease so it should fit this time.

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