Cotton Satin Wrap Blouse

I wanted to make a stylish sleeveless blouse which is quick to make and I found this Burda 09/2010 wrapover blouse (no. 110) from my old magazine archive.


Burda’s 09/2010 wrap over blouse


My version of this wrap over blouse

I usually make muslin but this time I didn’t. I thought the wrap over design would have enough tolerance. I allowed 1 1/2″ seam allowance on the side seams which turned out to be really useful.


The blue lines are the original pattern, I added width to the waist and the hip in red.

The fabric I used is a grey Swiss cotton satin with tiny dots. The instructions call for a small patch of fusible interfacing to be added to the facing where the buttonholes and buttons will be made. Instead, I interlined the whole facing with super lightweight fusible from English Couture Company to avoid the little ridge if a small patch of interfacing is used.


Swiss cotton satin with tiny dots

I also reinforced the inset corners of the neckline with short straight stitches which isn’t included in the instructions.


The whole facing is interfaced with lightweight interfacing. The neckline’s inset corners are reinforced.

I always like to try out new techniques with each garment. This time I finished the seam allowance first with the pinking shears then with overcast stitches. This is by far the lightest and most flexible way to finish seam allowances. It doesn’t take long to stitch either once you get used to the overcast stitches’ rhythm.


The seam allowance is pinked and finish with overcast stitch. I did the stitching from left to right so I can use my thumb to hold the thread at an angle.


Take the needle from through to the front.


The overcast seam allowance

I made a mistake with the buttonhole spacing and I was too lazy to unpick them so I balanced it out by putting an additional button on top. The mirror buttons work quite well with the grey satin theme.


Four buttons instead of three because I made a mistake with the buttonhole spacing

Lastly, bonus point for this blouse is that it can be worn without buttoning. A thin belt can be used to tie the waist and I can wear a camisole inside.


This blouse could be worn without buttoning!

It was really windy when the photos were taken so trust me those wrinkles are from the wind not because of bad fitting!


The off shoulder design is flattering for my square shoulders…


The back view

I really like this pattern because it’s quick to make (I think it took me half a day during the Jubilee holiday) and somehow it feels a bit oriental.

16 thoughts on “Cotton Satin Wrap Blouse

  1. Thanks for your note on the seam finishing, such a neat and easy technique. As I don’t have a serger, this could be really useful. And the top is lovely!

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