Money Saving Wedding Veil

I was looking for a simple veil with crystal beading for my wedding but was astonished by how expensive veils could be! So I set out to make my own veil, headpiece or anything I can think of for the wedding including invites, favours and table decorations. Before I started making the veil, I read Veiled in Beauty and A-Z Bead Embroidery. ‘Veiled in Beauty’ explains how different veil types are cut from cathedral length to birdcage. It also shows examples on how to finish the edge of the veil. Although the styling shown in the book is super 80s, the information still stands.

Money Saving Crystal Veil

My Money Saving Crystal Veil

The materials I used for making the veil include:

Step 1
Measured the length of the veil. I wanted a fingertip length veil so I measured 3″ down from the top of my head to my fingertips. I also wanted a single layer veil but it needs to be quite full. I draped the tulle over my back and decided the width of the veil which is about 60″. Cut out a rectangular tulle fabric piece and fold the tulle fabric along its centre lengthwise. Cut the end of the fabric in an arc like the diagram below. I’ve seen scalloped edge in purchased one, so I suppose you can cut scalloped edge too.

Step 1 - Fold the cut tulle in half and trim the bottom edge

Step 1 – Fold the cut tulle in half and trim the bottom edge

Step 2
Before you unfold the tulle, use a baby ribbon (or anything in hand) to tie a knot at the centre of tulle fabric’s bottom cut edge. This will make sure that the beading which will be done later is centred to the veil. Set the sewing machine to its longest stitch length. Sew along the top edge of the tulle fabric 3 times for gathering.

Step 2 - Sew long stitches along tulle top for gathering

Step 2 – Sew long stitches along tulle top for gathering

Step 3
Pull the bobbin threads to gather the top edge of the veil. This takes a bit of time because you’ll need to fit 60″ of tulle into 3″ to fit the comb’s length.

Step 3 - Pull bobbin threads to gather

Step 3 – Pull bobbin threads to gather

Step 4
Take a strip of scrap tulle cut crosswise (so it stretches). Wrap it around the top of the comb like so. Secure with a knot. Trim.


Step 4 – Stretch tulle stretch and wrap around comb


Step 4 – Wrapped comb

Step 5
Take the gathered veil and lay it over the comb’s back like so. Stitch the veiling to the comb.


Step 5 – Stitch veil to the back of the comb


Step 5 – Here’s the comb turned over to the ‘right’ side


Step 5 – Turn the veil over. You’ll insert the comb into the hair when wearing it.

Step 6
Sew pearls and crystals onto the edge of the veil individually (breath in because it’s going to take forever!). Using double matching colour silk thread, take the needle from the wrong side of the veil to the right side and do a loop. I used orange thread for the demonstration here.


Step 6 – Secure the thread to the veil with a loop

Step 7
Take a pearl (or crystal) and thread it through so it sits on the right side of the veil. Take the needle down to the wrong side so the thread is under the pearl. Bring the needle up again and repeat at least twice.


Step 7 – Thread the pearl or crystal

Step 8
When the pearl feels secured, take the needle down to the wrong side again. I cut one side of the thread leaving the other end still threaded through the needle.


Step 8 – Take the needle through the pearl several times until it feels secured.


Step 8 – Cut the thread but make sure one thread is still threaded through the needle

Step 9
Take the needle (with one thread attached) to the veil’s right side and down again. Tie a double knot at the veil’s wrong side.


Step 9 – Tie a double knot at the wrong side of the veil


Step 9 – Done!

Repeat Step 6 to 9 forever until you’re done! I used 1 crystal for every 3 pearls and spaced them about 1″ apart. I didn’t count how many pearls or crystals I used but surely it had taken at least 16 man hours to sew them.

Back View of Money Saving Crystal Veil

Back View of Money Saving Crystal Veil

I hope the instruction is clear. Good luck if you’re going to make a DIY veil!

3 thoughts on “Money Saving Wedding Veil

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    • It would be a wonderful gift to your sister! Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be glad to help. Oh, be sure you check the colour of the wedding dress against the tulle fabric, they should be in similar colour. Good luck!

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